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ESL announce a sixth Major Series

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Friday 05 March @ 17:42



Over the past few months there has not really been anything to play competition wise and then just when you are trying to find a final member for the core of the team they all come at once. We have taken part in the Major Series under both of our preceding names in Counter Strike (HighCubed and xuberant) the first time around we went out to GBR TLR losing a close game 14-16 the following year we played EUR SwayGaming it was close on one map with us winning one half but as for the other map, lets forget about that.

"The ESL Major Series is the most important online tournament in Europe, featuring the best teams from every country fighting in the Champions League of eSports"

As most of us are avid Football fans we can understand the importance and vast size of the competition when relating it to something as colossal as the Champions League. For those of you who don't like football it is ESLs version of the ClanBase EuroCup but on a much bigger scale, including country qualifiers and prize money.

Due to us now being a 1st Division EAS team we will be entering the qualifier straight in at the second stage which will be a group format, having four teams in each group, two of which progress to the next stage. For further information on the later stages and the general competition format as a whole see here: EMS VI CS:S UK Qualifier.

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