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ClanBase presents the EC/OC Spring 2010 Cup season

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Monday 22 February @ 14:18

(FINAL) News Header - CLANBASE


We have been competing in ClanBase for many many years. Once upon a time the EuroCup was the most prestigious online competition you could possibly win with or without lucrative prize money. We haven't made a big enough name for ourselves in order to have any chance of competing in that tournament but everybody has to start somewhere. We were unlucky in the fall season being crippled by roster troubles and had to draft in some of our honorary members that aren't fans of counter strike.

However this time around if the activity stays the way it is currently I have no doubts we will go very far in the upcoming competition. Normally when ClanBase announce their cups for an upcoming season it musters up some interest with our Tactical Ops team but this time around a cup is not being hosted presumably due to the lack of interest and the amount of defaults suffered last season. It is a shame really but the game has been on its last legs for a long time but despite that we have never really managed to move on from it completely, I think now it really is the nail in the coffin. Below is the ClanBase schedule for the upcoming season:

  • 21/02/10 - Pre-season Announcement
  • 28/02/10 - Open Sign-ups
  • 14/03/10 - Close Sign-ups. Last day for rules changes
  • 29/03/10 - EC Announcement show
  • 04/04/10 - EuroCup qualifier week
  • 12/04/10 - OpenCup groups with EuroCup qualifiers online
  • 12/04/10 - Start of the first matchweek (OC)
  • 17/04/10 - Start of the first matchweek (EC)
  • 10/05/10 - Matchweek 4 (OC)
  • 24/05/10 - Matchweek 6 (OC)

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