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EAS Hot Phase

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Tuesday 16 February @ 15:25

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The end of another season is coming soon which also means a snapshot of the open division will be taken to find out who will be promoted to the 1st Division if teams are already taking part in the first division they will be competing for promotion into the ESL Pro Series which ultimately is what we are aiming towards.

So how does it work? To my understanding each team in a seven week period (roughly a season) must play at least eight matches to be considered for promotion. The top two teams from each division will automatically be promoted, teams ranking third and fourth after the hot phase will participate in a mini relegation tournament against fifth and sixth place with the winner of that gaining promotion. So in total three teams can be promoted from each division.

The ESL Amateur Series Open Division is not strictly a league format despite having to play a compulsory match every Monday at 8pm. Teams can enter at any time within the season and you can challenge any team for whenever you like similar to a ladder system. To ensure that there is not chaos towards the end of the season with teams signing up in the last week trying to play ten matches to gain promotion ESL has enforced a hot phase period.

The hot phase of the ESL Amateur Series turns off all forms of challenging, so that only already created challenges can be played, in addition to the compulsory AutoChallenger matches.

  • - At midnight Sunday 14th February it will no longer be possible to create new challenges by regular challenging, instant challenger or matchmaker.

  • - All matches must be played by midnight Sunday 28th February. After all matches are played, the snapshot will be taken to determine the ranking for promotion.

  • - After the snapshot is taken, all challenging will be re-enabled and teams can continue earning points to go towards qualifying for the next 1st Division season.

We have played enough matches to be eligible for promotion our aim was to finish within the top two and we were on course to do that but unfortunately after suffering a loss last night it has dented our chances some what. However we have been handed a little bit of a life line the remaining compulsory match of the season was generated against the current league holders who have a points tally that makes them nailed on to be promoted at this current stage. If we were to win against them and our rivals dropped points we can still accomplish our goal.

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