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ESEA Europe Season 2

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Wednesday 18 November @ 12:22

(NEWS - FINAL) ESEA league news


ESEA announce the sign-ups and prize pot for the second EU season. This time around there will be an invite and open division, with 12 teams in the invite division that will be announced at a later date. The open division however is open for sign-ups for anyone in the EU although games will be played on UK hosted servers. The first 32 registered and fully paid up teams will then battle it out for the majority share of the $1,000 cash prize pot.

Teams for the invite division will be announced in the coming days and that tournament will carry a $2,000 prize pot. Registration will cost $10 per player for the invite division and $5 per player for the open division. All players must be Premium to compete in their league matches and registration will close Monday, November 30th at 22:00 CET.

  • Features of ESEA League Season 5 include:
  • - One match per week for both the invite and open divisions
  • - SMS scheduling alerts
  • - All matches played on our ESEA UK servers
  • - Protection from our industry leading anti-cheat / config locking Client
  • - Helpful team of handpicked paid league Admins who are active in each community
  • - Complete box scores and stats for EVERY match (just as we have for gathers)
  • - SourceTV demo downloads for every match within 5 minutes of matches finishing
  • - Automatic live SourceTV for every match (unlimited number of spectators)
  • - Automatic POV demo recording
  • - Automatic live irc scorebots for every match
  • - User prediction system for every match
  • - You build your permanent league record

Despite the extensive feature list the main pulling force for us towards this event is not the lucrative prize pot but the wealth of experience we can gain from playing in a tournament like this. Due to the cost of entry it will hopefully sieve the teams that fold and reduce the default/no shows by a considerable margin. With all this in mind we have until the end of the month to finalise our roster in order to have any chance of consistent steady progression.

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