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KGL Season 7

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Thursday 15 October @ 06:03

[NEWSHEADER] league news - KGL


We have been accepted into season seven of the KGL league. This will be our first time competing in the kokaine gaming league but with it being in the seventh season of the league we are confident it will be well run and hopefully default free.

The map list being used in this tournament is the 'standard five' although a nice surprise with strike replacing tuscan it will be our first time playing it as a team and between now and Sunday we will struggle to get any sort of practice on it but it will be a welcomed change from the norm just like season was in the ESL Summer League. The team and fixture list is as follows:

There are a few familiar teams to us listed above who we have played before, I think it will be interesting to see how we fair since we have distanced ourselves from the UK community a bit since the demise of EnemyDown.

It is always nice to see prizes associated with different events it adds towards a more competitive environment. For each division winner they will receive a match server of the 'highest spec' courteous of RTL.

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