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E-Sports Entertainment

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Saturday 26 September @ 09:07

(NEWS - FINAL) ESEA league news


E-Sports Entertainment or better known as ESEA to most, is an overseas competition based predominantly in America. Some of you might know of it from the gather system that was popular a while back they also hosted a new league which saw all the individual player statistics and ratings brought forward into a competitive playing environment. After a successful previous season over here in Europe they have decided to host the tournament again, with this announcement they have decided to host a number of warm-up cups presumably to see who is still active and for accurate seeding.

Tournament Structure
The tournament will feature a Single Elimination Bracket spread over the week with match days falling on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Due to the statistics feature ESEA will be provide there own servers for the matches to be played on, taking on board the demand the matches have been spread out as follows to accommodate this.

Monday: 1 round of matches (8 teams total) will be played at 20:00 GMT. A second round of matches (8 teams again) will be played at 21:30 GMT. Teams will be randomly placed into one of the two time slots. After Monday, 8 teams will remain in the cup.
Thursday: 1 round of matches will be played at 20:00 GMT. After Thursday, 4 teams will remain in the cup.
Sunday: As the Final Four will be played on Sunday, 2 rounds will be played (semi-finals, then finals). Semi-Finals will be played at 20:00 GMT and Finals will be played at 21:30 GMT.

For once the tournament layout is in tandem with our schedule so with a bit of luck we will be able to prepare more efficiently due to it having some sort of pattern that coincides with when we are available to play. To add more motivation for this cups there is little prizes for the winner, the real motivation for us is being able to test ourselves in a well run league with the best teams throughout Europe although it is a nice incentive.

1st – (5) SteelSeries SP for Premium, 400 ESEA Points for Non-Premium
2nd – (5) SteelSeries Qck+ for Premium, 250 ESEA Points for Non-Premium

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