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COD Team

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Sunday 28 June @ 05:06

[NEWSHEADER] team news - call of duty


Call of Duty is of interest to us having played the game for a short stint ourselves, we are fully aware of the potential it has and with Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon the future looks bright.

Therefore we are happy to announce that we have acquired a call of duty squad to represent iNfluxum. The team itself is fairly new to the scene but despite being young they already have a fair amount of experience playing counter strike which should aid towards a fast development. The team is as follows;


Our plans are to attend i38, compete in ESL, CB, ED, SGL and any other Cup or League that we might approach. At the moment we are around Mid+, just need that 5th and we can push ourselves even further and get more known.

Just myself and Dale need to sort out by getting new parts for our computers which would be hopefuly within this week. Were proud to be part of the iNfluxum organisation.

#1Sunday 28 June @ 11:34 by UK zontix

Thanks for letting us join ur org, and giving us the oppurtunity to play along some other talented players =]. Hopefully we'll prove ourselves in the near future

#2Sunday 28 June @ 12:13 by UK SRIFFE