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Coming of Age

Posted by UK lejund in iNfluxum on Thursday 21 May @ 19:54

general website news

Well what can I put here? I've set this website up simply for iNfluxum members past and present to keep in touch and anyone else who has come into contact with us despite previous team names or games played at the time.

Over the years Tactical Ops has been like gravity, no matter how long the break from the game we have all ended up playing it again at some point. However in its current state with nothing to look forward to and the rapidly diminishing community it's safe to say none of us will return with a competitive mindset.

So it's time to move on, this time for good. No game in the future will replace TO's playability and some of us will have different preferences on what we like and dislike about the newer games. Either way as we are all 'coming of age' or prehistoric in some cases its fair to say we wont achieve the amount of success we have in the past.

Due to us supposedly being of the more mature (on paper) generation it would be easier to stay in touch on a site like this as not everyone can get on msn/irc from work or uni.


haha, well put ol' pal. 8]

#1Friday 22 May @ 01:11 by Belgium Champion


#2Monday 25 May @ 04:08 by UK lol