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About iNfluxum

driven by precision, devoted to perfection.

The core of the team has a largely very successful background in Unreal Tournament and Tactical Ops winning and placing consistently in the top three of EuroCups for the best part of the last decade. The team name itself comes from a latin word which basically means to flow in, we believe this team name was perfect for us as it best describes our preferred method of playing - attack is the best form of defense.


CS team formed in the dull summer of 2006 by the highly accomplished pioneer of esports lejund and the proud scotsman with an esports career highlight of founding the preceding team highcubed its no other than r0y. Things didnt start off too great at the xuberant camp oh-no as was the problem with our initial premise we had a solid core base of players wanting to play but struggled to find that extra one or two that fit in with everyone else.

Off we went scouting the seasons hot UK talent from the lows of ESEA to the highs of mix vent we came across a welsh ethiopian card dealer he was overzealous at the opportunity and even recommended a fellow real life buddy who had a forearm riddled with syringes giving himself an aim similar to what could be compared to a parkinsons victim. Due to other player commitments within the team (work and what not) we were a bit slow realising that these two compatriots werent fit to lace our boots heaven forbid being by our side on the front line in the next ED cup.

Thankfully we now see the back of their heads with grins on our faces from ear to ear, fortunately around the same time an old chum of ours found the power button on his ancient computer and jumped on for a game one night, we had a good old chin wag and he agreed to put some time aside for some gruelling counter strike action, wasting no time we contacted the clutchmaster immediately thus completing our champion line-up.

Ever since dotting the Is and crossing the Ts in our multi-mega-billion pound contracts we have successfully picked up where we left off as gaming icons across Europe. Some could be fooled that we had never taken a break from dishing out the headshots, its like second nature to us I cant quite put it into words tune into Sky eSports HD 1 sometime on channel 408 and learn first hand. As a bunch of sound lads we aim to raise the profile for non acne faced emo gamers out there, if there is any of you left you are more than welcome on our site and ventrilo if you are lucky for a brew n a biscuit dashed with an ear lashing of banter.

Emos, Goths, Ron Weasleys & whatever else you might come under if you disagree or are not happy with the above traits of our organisation I suggest when you join the server you refrain from using the say button we dont take kindly to hugs & kisses from youths who are unable to use grammar accordingly when trying to make a point or poor joke.

Finally I would like to end thanking you who have managed to read as far as this I hope you have taken this history lesson light heartedly perhaps with a pinch of salt and a can of pepsi.

Kindest regards from the best team in the world,


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