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iNfluxum News
EC Group Stage Over

Comments Comments (2) By UK lejund in iNfluxum on Monday 15 November @ 13:22

(FINAL) News Header - CLANBASE


The Group Stages are now finally over I think we had the luck of the draw really as we only had one team drop out of our group which meant we actually played some matches which seems to be a rarity on Clanbase in this day and age.

Team P W L D RD
Group C
30P 4 0 0 0 69:35
iNfluxum 4 3 1 0 60:43
UltiMat 4 2 2 0 52:43
iNey 4 0 4 0 24:54
Refuse 4 0 4 0 24:54
ANORMAL 0 0 0 0 00:00

Despite not topping our group I think we are better off because the two stronger teams who did top their group are in the other half of the bracket to us, so they will knock each other out. As a result we will play the winner in the final if we manage to win our games of course, the play off bracket can be found here.

EPS Week 2

Comments Comments (3) By UK lejund in iNfluxum on Tuesday 12 October @ 14:27

(FINAL) News Header - ESL: EPS



POWER 6 : 16 iN

GBR" PWR ben
SWE PWR admire
GBR PWR neex
GBR PWR ritch
GBR PWR shaney
GBR iN.lejund
GBR iN.nathe
GBR iN.paj
SWE iN.trigger
FIN iN.zaikovski

Tuesday 12th October 2010 - 20:00 (GMT)
ESL Pro Series (Season 4)

Statement from Luke:
"Week two sees us take on influxum, a team that are unknown to us other than zaikovski. They suffered a heavy defeat in their first match whilst we showed that we can compete with the better teams in the league despite not having played together prior to our match against Demonic. Inferno is a map that as long as we lock down the CT side without any mishaps that we should be able to win comfortably.


Statement from lejund:
"This season POWER have some similarities that we can relate to in their team mixing older experienced players with young not so experienced players.

After last weeks performance we want to try and show that we wont be the whipping boys this season by getting as many rounds as possible and if our 'carrier bag' pulls his finger out we might even take home three points."

EDCSSL Season 17

Comments Comments (0) By UK lejund in iNfluxum on Wednesday 22 September @ 10:10



EnemyDown announces another season of their popular Counter Strike: Source league, as usual clans who are not chosen from the sign ups for the league itself will be put into a draw for the Challenge Cup to earn direct qualification into the succeeding event.

After years of being one of those teams drafted into the Challenge Cup we were finally given our break in the league half way through Season 15 when a team folded after a couple of weeks in, there was no way for us to win it at that point with other teams having played 2-3 more matches than us but it was finally an opportunity to prove our stability and capability.

However when Season 15 concluded we earned direct qualification into Season 16 and even though we were unbeaten for the whole season we only managed second place, despite this we still acquired promotion into the first division for the upcoming season, hopefully maintaining our unbeaten record.

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